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25 Sep 2018, 02:50 HRS IST
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Category:High Technology
DEEP AERO is Building AI-driven Drone Technology Platform on the Blockchain

DEEP AERO is Building AI-driven Drone Technology Platform on the Blockchain

NEW DELHI and AJMAN, United Arab Emirates, March 13, 2018/PRNewswire/ --

DEEP AERO UTM technology platform is the first AI-driven, autonomous system to manage drone traffic

DEEP AERO, a global leader in drone technology innovation, is building an AI-driven, autonomous, self-governing, intelligent drone/unmanned aircraft system (UAS) traffic management (UTM) platform on the Blockchain. It is designed to enable safe low-altitude civilian flights of manned and unmanned aircraft in the shared airspace.

     (Photo: https://mma.prnewswire.com/media/653699/DEEP_AERO_Gurmeet_Singh.jpg )

The DEEP AERO UTM platform will harmonise integration between UTM systems globally and enable industry, including manufacturers, service providers, and end users to use drones safely and efficiently without disrupting the existing manned aviation system.

"The use of unmanned aerial vehicles is increasing exponentially," says Mr. Gurmeet Singh, CEO of DEEP AERO. "We're heading towards a future in which millions of drones will fly billions of flights. At some point in the not-too-distant future, fleets of commercial drones are expected to swarm across the skies. Current airspace management and air traffic flow management systems don't have the capabilities to handle the type of operations relevant to drones. In addition, the anticipated traffic density of drones is far beyond the capabilities of current air traffic management systems."

Drones are already being used in countries across the globe. Drones monitor illegal fishing off the coasts of Libya, Japan and the Galapagos Islands and patrol oil and gas pipelines in Angola, Nigeria, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Archaeologists in Russia are using small unmanned systems with infrared cameras to construct a 3-D model of ancient burial mounds. In addition, researchers in Costa Rica have launched unmanned aerial vehicles into volcanic clouds to try to predict major eruptions.

DEEP AERO is currently researching prototype technologies such as airspace design, dynamic geofencing, congestion management, terrain avoidance, route planning, re-routing, separation management, sequencing and spacing, and contingency management. DEEP AERO UTM includes universal drone registration standards, secure identification systems, tamper-proof flight data recorders, accurate and trustworthy 3D mapping data, dynamic weather information, and secure vehicle-to-vehicle communication.

"In USA alone, over 626,000 hobbyists registered with U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as of December 31, 2016. FAA estimates that there are around 1.1 million units that can be identified as distinctly hobbyist or model aircraft. FAA forecasts that the hobbyist fleet will likely more than triple in size over the next 5 years, from 1.1 million units in 2016 to over 3.5 million units by 2021." Gurmeet Singh, CEO, DEEP AERO.


DEEP AERO is a global leader in drone technology innovation and is building cutting-edge, AI-driven technology solutions on the Blockchain for the drone economy. DEEP AERO is headquartered in Ajman, UAE with significant presence in Southeast Asia. For more information, visit DEEPAERO.com.

DEEP AERO's leadership team comprises of business leaders and experts in drone technology specialising in the industrial applications of drones. We are building an AI driven autonomous technology platform that will revolutionise the drone industry. We want to help individuals and organisations understand the revolutionary benefits of drone (UAV) technology, and gain the skills to implement drone (UAV) technology safely and effectively in their workplaces. 

Gurmeet Singh, CEO
Mayank Jain, CFO
Harsh Sharma, Vice President
Ishmeet Singh, Advisor
Sydney Ifergan, Advisor

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PR contact:
Ishmeet Singh
Email: ishmeet@deepaero.com  

Media Contact:
Gurjeet Kalsi
Brand Consultant-Digital Media
Eonian Brand Ideas India



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