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23 Jun 2018, 17:54 HRS IST
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Source:Trescent Lifestyles
Category:High Technology
Trescent Lifestyles Partners With Iconic Technology Brand 'Devialet' in India

Trescent Lifestyles Partners With Iconic Technology Brand 'Devialet' in India

MUMBAI, January 12, 2017/PRNewswire/ -

Bollywood Superstars Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt & Shilpa Shetty, Enhance Their Homes With the New & Advanced 'Gold Phantom' Speaker 

Trescent Lifestyles is the ultimate destination for those who appreciate cutting-edge technology in home theatres, audio-video and home automation systems in India. The luxury retailer has tied up with the world's most critically acclaimed start-up Devialet as premium resellers in Mumbai. Founders of Trescent Lifestyle, Monica Sambharya Parikh and Harshul Parikh along with Florian Des Garets, Sales Manager Asia - Devialet, recently got together with actors Shah Rukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Alia Bhatt & Shilpa Shetty Kundra - the proud owners of the new and iconic 'Gold Phantom' speaker.

Trescent Lifestyles Design Studio is synonymous to sophisticated home technology. Trescent partners with the best luxury brands from across the globe to ensure that their clientele have access to the latest and most revolutionary audio solutions for their dream abode. They specialize in designing, installing and programming these systems and aim to create smart residences with home automation solutions that enhance the experience of luxury devices.

Trescent has associated with Devialet, a French company and international leader of premium amplifiers for the launch of their new speakers called 'Phantom'. Phantom is unique as it emits sound using a revolutionary and inherently superior process created by Devialet engineers. The wireless speakers provide an outstanding sound experience with power, clarity, preciseness and perfect acoustics.

Harshul Parikh, CEO & MD, Trescent Lifestyles shares, "At Trescent, we pride ourselves on offering a completely personalized technology experience. Trescent aims to truly enhance the experience of luxury devices with an unwavering attention to detail and perfection. It is a pleasure associating with Devialet to unveil the advanced and revolutionary 'Gold Phantom' speaker, and learn that these iconic personalities enjoy their passion for music through the finest sound experience that these speakers exude."

About Trescent Lifestyles: 

Trescent Lifestyles is the ultimate destination for those who appreciate cutting-edge technology in home theatres, audio-video and home automation systems in India. Trescent partners with the best luxury brands from across the globe to ensure customers have access to the latest and most revolutionary solutions for their dream home. Started by Harshul Parikh and Monica Sambharya in 2006, Trescent, creates smart homes with home automation solutions that enhance experience of luxury devices through integration.

Trescent Lifestyles offers uber home theatre solutions, which provide customers with cutting-edge technologies to own private cinema in the luxury of their homes. Monica & Harshul work with the movie industry's latest technologies and manufacturers to ensure customers' new home theatre is capable of 4K Ultra High Definition Video and 3D-Surround Sound.

Combining the functions of lighting, curtains, audio-video, temperature control, and access control in an imaginative manner ensures an effortless luxury home experience, at the touch of an iPhone or an iPad. With an intuitive control system, one can experience curtains rolling, lights changing patterns, or their favorite music coming alive. With intelligent use of technology integration, Trescent enhances lifestyles and also most importantly helps maximize energy saving, allowing customers to live in a Green Home that is truly eco-friendly.

Trescent's clients include Bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna, Shahid Kapoor, various Forbes 500 members and more.

For more information, please visit: http://www.trescent.com/

About Devialet: 

Founded in 2007 and based in Paris, Devialet is the premier start-up in the world for the excellence of its inventions in the sound field, with 107 patents and more than 60 International awards. Devialet is a rapidly expanding company with, 230 employees presently. 

Among its historical investors it has Bernard Arnault, Jean-Antoine Granjon, Xavier Niel et Marc Simoncini.

Hailed by all the experts and awarded by the most demanding of international magazines, the start-up is present in the very exclusive stores that are Colette, Harrods, and Kadewe in Berlin in addition to its own boutiques. The revolutionary connected speaker Phantom has been commercialised in Apple Store since December 2015.

With its place as leader in only 5 years after the launch of the first D-Premier amplifier, the brand has been able to keep true to its initial values, dear to the heart of its 3 founders, the engineer Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel, the visionary entrepreneur Quentin Sannié and the super designer Emmanuel Nardin.

Success has indeed been possible thanks to the succession of radical inventions in sound engineering, of which the ADH intelligence - the revolutionary technology that transformed the amplification of sound by enabling the hybrid mix of digital and analogue electronics. 70 acoustician engineers, mechanics, electricians, and IT engineers in signal processing, the best in their field of specialisation, work every day at Devialet's to invent the sound technologies of the future.

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Managing Partner
Criesse Communications

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